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‘Scala & Kolacny Brothers’ and Christmas songs. For years they seemed like an impossible combination.

The ‘DECEMBER’ story started nearly by accident. As we did not know much about 'alternative' Christmas songs in the pop and rock repertoire, we asked Scala's Facebook friends if they had any suggestions. Just amazing! A few days later we had a long list of about 140 songs! Not all of them did fit in Scala's repertoire of course, but who would ever think that bands like Pearl Jam, Linkin Park and the Smashing Pumpkins would write or record (alternative) Christmas songs?

The idea for a new album with alternative Christmas songs was born! A CD with genuine Christmas songs but also with songs that are not necessarily related to Christmas or with songs that fit into the ‘DECEMBER’ concept thanks to their special atmosphere or arrangement. The shortlist of songs seemed perfect: they sounded heavenly and no song is really well-known which makes the CD even more surprising. Of course, the word ‘Christmas’ will be heard frequently but not in cliché lyrics which people usually hear at that time of the year. Most of the songs sound like a perfect soundtrack for December days.

‘DECEMBER’is not a Christmas CD. Or is it ?

‘DECEMBER’is a Christmas CD,. Or isn't it?

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Tracklist CD 01

  • 01. My December (Linkin Park)
  • 02. Christmastime (Smashing Pumpkins)
  • 03. Christmas Lights (Coldplay)
  • 04. River (Joni Mitchell)
  • 05. Christmas Must Be Tonight (The Band)
  • 06. Let Me Sleep (It’s Christmas Time) (Pearl Jam)
  • 07. 2000 Miles (The Pretenders)
  • 08. It’s Christmas! Let’s Be Glad (Sufjan Stevens)
  • 09. Tears Can Sparkle Too (Steven Kolacny)
  • 10. Sun-kissed Snow (Steven Kolacny)
  • 11. Wintersong (Sarah McLachlan)
  • 12. When Doves Cry (Prince)
  • 13. Did I Make The Most Of Loving You (Downton Abbey TV Serie)
  • 14. Eskimo (Damien Rice)
  • 15. Last Christmas (Wham)

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